Why Gutter Cleaning Is Necessary

Regular gutter cleaning is essential in order to prevent problems and maintain the structural integrity of your home. Blocked gutters prohibit the movement of water, running the risk of damage to the roof and house foundation.

A professional gutter cleaner is more comfortable working on ladders and has the equipment to safely lean, reach and clean out debris. In addition, they can identify potential issues and make recommendations for improvement.


Climbing ladders and reaching into high places can be dangerous. While falling off a ladder may be comic relief on TV and in movies, the reality is that such incidents can lead to serious injury or even death. For this reason, it’s important to follow proper safety procedures when cleaning gutters.

Ladder safety starts with a sturdy, stable ladder and nonslip footwear. It’s also a good idea to spread a plastic tarp beneath the work area, to protect your lawn and landscaping from gunky gutter debris. Avoid overreaching, as this can throw off your center of gravity and cause you to fall.

Gloves can help protect your hands from dirty, rotting gutter debris that often contains bird, pigeon and squirrel feces, which are covered in bacteria. Protective eyewear is essential, too. It’s easy to get dirt and dust in your eyes when scooping up gutter debris. A garden hose with a pistol-grip trigger spray nozzle can make gutter cleaning easier by pushing away the debris and controlling the water pressure.

Save Time

Gutter cleaning is labor-intensive and requires a ladder to access the roof and guttering. It’s also precarious work at heights, which increases the risk of serious injury. A professional service is the safest option and saves you time.

Invest in protective gear, including work gloves, safety goggles, and a dust mask. This equipment keeps you shielded from debris, dust, and potential allergens while working at heights.

Use a specialized gutter scoop or trowel to remove dry leaves and gunk from the roof and gutters. Next, attach a garden hose to the gutters and rinse them thoroughly. Start at the open end of the gutter and work towards the closed end. This technique helps dislodge the most stubborn gunk and leaves. Trimming nearby trees and branches is another great way to simplify your gutter cleaning routine. This prevents overhanging debris from clogging your gutters and extends the time between cleanings. It also protects your home from damage by removing the perfect habitat for mosquitoes and other unwelcome house guests.

Avoid Water Damage

Gutters serve an important purpose by channeling rainwater away from your roof and walls. Without regular cleaning, clogged gutters can cause water damage to the siding and foundation of your home. If left unchecked, it can lead to rot and mold. Having clean, functioning gutters helps to keep water from pooling around your foundation and can prevent cracks in the basement.

Regular gutter cleaning also ensures that the downspouts are able to drain water efficiently. If the downspouts become clogged with leaves, debris, or bird’s nests, water can overflow and spill onto your house’s siding and over the foundation. Clogged downspouts can also be a breeding ground for pests like rodents and mosquitoes.

Hiring a professional gutter cleaning Auckland company provides peace of mind and ensures that the job is done properly and safely. In addition to their expertise in height safety, reputable companies have the right equipment to complete the job quickly and efficiently. They use a cutting-edge Skyvac gutter cleaner that can reach up to 10m high to suck the gunk out of your gutters, eliminating the need for ladders and other unsafe methods.

Curb Appeal

When gutters are clogged they can be unsightly and detract from the curb appeal of your home. They can also be a breeding ground for rodents, birds and mosquitoes that can cause further damage to your property as well as create a health hazard. Keeping your gutters clean improves your home’s curb appeal and can help you maintain a good reputation if you plan to sell your home in the future.

Having your gutters cleaned professionally on a regular basis is a cost-effective way to protect your home from potential problems like water damage, foundation cracks and unsightly staining of the house’s siding. It can also save you the hassle of wasting your weekend climbing a ladder to clean the gunk out of your gutters and downspouts yourself. Leave it to the pros and enjoy your weekend!