Nanuk Cases – Protect Your Equipment From the Elements

Need to move sensitive equipment but don’t want to risk damaging it? NANUK protective cases offer the superior storage and transport solution.

The NK-7 resin used to make the cases is durable to extremes, able to withstand atmospheric and climatic conditions and will ensure that your case and its contents arrive at their destination intact. The patent pending PowerClaw latching system is another key attribute of these cases.

Rugged & Dustproof

Nanuk cases are crafted from rugged NK-7 resin that’s durable to the extreme. The metal componentry is made from marine grade stainless steel which means it’s less prone to corrosion and damage that can occur with cheaper alternatives.

The patented PowerClaw latching system clamps the case tightly shut with compressive force. Its integrated slide lock prevents the case from opening during transport and even if dropped.

All Nanuk cases are waterproof, dustproof and built to military specifications. They feature a soft rubberized foldable handle and include hardware for a shoulder strap or padlock (padlock sold separately). A molded in metal padlock protector guards against unwanted intrusion.


The waterproof seal used in all Nanuk cases is custom designed and tested. This enables the case to resist deformation and fatigue. A built-in bezel system found on the lower portion of all NANUK equipment cases allows a panel kit to be installed without needing a secondary bracket or drilling holes in the case.

This makes Nanuk cases ideal for law enforcement officers military personnel professional divers outdoor enthusiasts and more. Multiple wheeled case options are available allowing larger firearms, magazines ammunition and cleaning accessories to be transported in one safe and secure case build. Smooth transport comes courtesy of polyurethane wheels that can withstand harsh environments and rough terrain.

Shock Absorbent

Nanuk cases are made with shock absorbent materials to prevent damage to the case and its delicate contents. This feature is built in to ensure that your equipment is secure from the impact of rough handling and the vibrations associated with airline travel and transportation.

Every NANUK case features a soft grip handle that is both comfortable and easy to transport even when full of equipment or weighed down. The handles are spring-loaded to avoid harm during travel or shipping and retract to allow for maximum convenience when storing and transporting your gear.

Each case includes two padlockable hasps that are moulded into the case for added security and peace of mind. These can be secured with your own combination locks or TSA approved locks.


When you’re carrying a lot of equipment it can often be a hassle to transport and move it around without risking damage to anything inside. This is where a case like this can be useful.

Each NK-7 resin case is made from extremely durable materials but they’re also designed to be as lightweight as possible. They’re manufactured in Canada to military specifications and are tested under extreme conditions.

Every case features a soft grip handle to make it comfortable and easy to carry. Some models are also available with wheels to allow you to effortlessly roll them over a range of terrains and weather conditions.


Ensure your gear is secure in transit. Each case is designed with a stackable feature that allows multiple cases to fit inside one another by slotting their feet into the moulded bottom of another case.

This prevents jarring or dropping of your equipment and protects the contents from impact damage. Designed with a sleek look the rugged protective cases boast thick walls and oversized details to be highly shock absorbent.

Available on wheeled and long series cases, reinforced metal padlock holes make it easy to lock down your gear. TSA approved padlocks are also sold separately. Color options range from emergency orange to olive drab allowing you to blend in or stand out.


The elements don’t stand a chance against the impenetrable, lightweight and tough NK-7 resin shell and PowerClaw superior latching system. It’s no wonder this case is a favourite of photographers, videographers, drone operators/pilots, law enforcement officers, military, hunters and shooting sports enthusiasts to protect their valuable equipment.

Available in up to 10 different colours to suit any aesthetic preference or identifying the service it is used for (like emergency orange). Some models even feature padlock holes which can be fitted with TSA approved security padlocks. A soft grip handle is also featured on every Nanuk case.