A New Generation of Electronic Cigarettes


There is so much talk about the regulation of vaporizers these days. The FDA has even decided to regulate the sale of e-juices in a single form. But did you know that there is a loophole in all of this? That’s right, there are no federal regulations on vaporizers yet! So, if you are a paper, don’t worry, you are perfectly within your rights to join the Vaporize Right Party and get the federal regulations changed.

Most vapers are just like you. They love their vapes, they use them when they need a good rush, but there are still many vapers that don’t use them at all. The government doesn’t care one bit about vaporizer rights. This is why I started writing articles for Vaping News.

But what about those who visit your local convenience store to purchase a vaporizer? Can they buy in the store? Can they buy online without breaking the law? And what about the new “vaporizers with cartridges” that allow customers to utilize their vaporizer without fear of getting a face full of chemicals or a carton in their pants?

If your business is going to open up as a Vaporizer Shop, you must register your business name with the secretary of state. It’s a simple process, just give them a call. Most states require that businesses register with them to receive a business license. In addition to a business license, you will also be required to obtain a state issued card, called a “drama vaporizers identification card”, or a “business tax id.” These cards can also be found online.

Once you have registered your business name, you can now use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, and a plethora of other social media websites to expand your clientele. This is an excellent way to get the word out about your new e-liquids and services. You can also post links to your new e-liquids to your social media pages, blog, website and so forth. It is a very cost effective and efficient way to spread the word about your new e-liquid business.

One thing to remember when using social media for marketing is to treat it like another outlet, a magazine or a newspaper. Social media is a 24 hour a day, seven day a week business. While it can be a great place to gain leads, it can be quite ineffective if you are not selective about who you give your information to. If you are using Twitter for marketing and have a very specific market in mind, do NOT give EVERY tweet away. Make sure you only give your followers information that they can use.

Trade shows, seminars and conventions are also great ways to market your e-liquids and/or juice line. Attend these events and become known as an expert in your field. People who attend trade shows, conventions and seminars will most likely purchase some of your new products. Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc. all host trade shows and conventions to expose your Juice shop and yourself to new customers.

These are just a few strategies we have found to be extremely effective in helping our small businesses grow. Remember, for every dollar invested into our Juice lines and e-liquids we receive back four dollars in profit. Not only are we making money, but we are also growing our customer base as well!

Another way to build your customer base is by hosting local festivals. The best festivals are those that involve the community and cater to different demographics. For example, a summer event in your local area will attract a wide variety of customers. If you are a local Vapor Shop, we highly recommend that you host a “Beach Blooms” event. We know that most Vapor shops cannot afford to have a huge outdoor party, but a festival will allow you to showcase your e-cigarette products in a relaxed atmosphere.

If you would like to host a “Beach Blooms” style festival once a month, that is a very good idea. You will receive increased traffic, word-of-mouth advertising and have the chance to meet other local Vapor shops. Also, your e-pipe shop will receive the recognition and respect it truly deserves. By making quality products, we are helping our local community develop into more cohesive, healthier communities.

The United States Federal Regulations are taking notice of the new generation of electronic cigarettes. As a Vapor Shop, we want to continue to promote the use of these quality products. While the Federal Regulations might prohibit some of our more common advertising methods, we believe that they are overly restricting. If the Federal Regulations would allow for more creative and informative advertising, there will be more consumers that will experience the pleasure that only a quality product can bring. In fact, I can personally think of a lot of reasons why we as Vapor Shops should support the regulation of e-cigs. So, until the government decides to interfere, we at Vapor Shop Chicago are going to continue to promote the use of e-cigs and breathe easy knowing that our customers will be getting the highest quality products at the lowest prices!